Posted 23rd January 2023

9 Best DAWs for music production

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Music production requires a reliable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to mix, edit and arrange tracks. It's possible to create music productions from drum samples and loops to large compositions for film & TV all from the comfort of your own home. There are many DAWs available for music production today and many options in terms of affordability and performance. In this blog post, we will look at the best and most popular DAWs for music production including their positives and negatives. So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro there's some great options out there.

Ableton Live

This DAW is popular for electronic music production and live performances. It features a unique clip-based workflow, making it easy to sequence and arrange clips in real time. Its built-in drum machine allows you to create your own acoustic drum samples, while its expansive library of sounds makes it easy to find the right sound for your project. Positive: Easy clip-based workflow; Negative: Complex interface can be intimidating for beginners

Avid Pro Tools

A professional DAW used by many music studios, Avid Pro Tools is renowned for its high quality and reliability. It has a range of features including advanced editing capabilities, powerful mix automation tools, and a great library of sounds. Positive: Huge scope, Robust features, various plans can keep cost down; Negative: Expensive and not always straighforward to set up for the beginner.

Cakewalk Sonar

A feature-rich DAW with a user-friendly interface, Cakewalk Sonar is perfect for both experienced and novice users. It supports many different instruments including VSTs and drum kit samples, and its editing and mixing capabilities are top-notch. Positive: User-friendly interface; Negative: No native support for surround sound


This popular DAW is used by both professionals and hobbyists alike. It’s great for recording and arranging audio tracks, as well as mixing, VSTs, and a variety of drum samples. Positive: Wide range of features; Negative: Steep learning curve

FL Studio

This DAW is great for electronic music production, particularly in the hip-hop, EDM, and pop genres. It’s easy to use and comes with plenty of sounds and loops. Positive: Easy to use; Negative: Limited features compared to some other DAWs

Logic Pro

A powerful and user-friendly DAW that is popular among professionals, Logic Pro is great for audio and MIDI production tasks. It has an extensive library of sounds, as well as a great selection of drum kit samples. Positive: Wide range of features; Negative: Interface can be daunting for beginners

Propellerhead Reason

This DAW focuses on virtual instruments, making it great for creating electronic music. It comes with a suite of synthesizers and drum machines, as well as an impressive selection of sounds and loops. Positive: Virtual instrument-oriented; Negative: Limited MIDI capabilities


This versatile DAW is great for both audio and MIDI production tasks. It has powerful editing and mixing tools, as well as a great library of sounds and drum samples. Positive: Affordable; Negative: Can be difficult to use for inexperienced producers

Studio One

An intuitive DAW with an easy learning curve, Studio One is perfect for musicians of any skill level. It has a great selection of sounds and loops, as well as powerful mixing tools. Positive: User-friendly interface; Negative: Limited VST compatibility


Choosing the best DAW depends on your individual needs and preferences. Each DAW listed above offers something different, so be sure to consider their positives and negatives and of course cost before making your decision. Happy music-making!