Posted 19th January 2023

Best Drum Loops for your DAW

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Use drum samples in your DAW

Drum samples and drum loops are excellent tools for adding vigour and rhythm to your music creation. Drum loops are among the producer’s arsenal’s most adaptable tools because they can be used for a variety of genres, including reggae, hip hop, house, funk, and even drum & bass. Your music production can be elevated to the next level and given a distinctive, characteristic sound by including drum loops into your DAW.


We’ll examine drum samples and drum loops in this blog post, including where to find them and how to incorporate them into your own productions. We’ll also talk about some of the best drum sample packs available, which you can utilise to give your music dynamic punch and variation.

Finding drum samples for your tracks

There are two basic methods you can employ when using drum samples in your music creation. Either record the drums yourself, or get a sample pack of ready-made drum samples and loops. While recording them yourself can produce good results, it comes with many challenges.

Buying a drum pack from will guarantee that you buy the best quality, professional drum samples and loops available. All the studio work has been done for by some of the best in the business. So you can turn your track into a percussion powerhouse.

There are many free options available online but beware, they are lower in quality and many aren’t royalty free so you won’t be able to release them legally without paying a fee to the copyright owner. All Macdrum samples are royalty free. Once you’ve purchased and downloaded a pack, you can use all the samples and loops in your music productions and not worry about comeback further down the line.

Across Genres

When you’re looking for drum samples, there are many different types of packs available. You can find general-purpose drum kits, both acoustic and electronic, which contain all the drums and cymbals used in popular music styles such as rock, pop, hip hop and more. You can also get specialized, genre focused drum samples, such as jass, blues, indie, drum & bass etc. These sample packs usually include isolated drum samples and loops that were recorded in a professional studio and provide you with a great foundation for your music production. Again, we have many options available at

Sample some drums in your DAW.

It’s time to get started once you’ve selected the ideal drum sample bundle for your productions. In most situations, you can start creating right away by dragging and dropping the drum loops into your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are some simple editing methods that you may use on the drum loops to give your music more dimension. To make a drum loop seem more lifelike, you could, for instance, change the velocity or volume of each stroke or use a plugin like EQ to change the frequency of each drum beat.

Get creative

An important step when employing drum samples in your music production is to experiment. When looking for the exact sound you want, don’t be scared to experiment with different effects and editing methods. Any drum sample may be transformed into something distinctive and intriguing with a little imagination and experimentation. All Macdrum packs come with a variety of different shots of each sample including volume and velocity variations so you can build a dynamic percussion sound.


Drum samples and loops are a crucial tool for music producers, to sum up. They make a wonderful foundation for your songs and can advance your compositions, whether you decide to record them yourself or buy one of the many drum loop sample packs offered online. So don’t be afraid to experiment and discover what you can do using drum samples.

Happy mixing!