Posted 27th January 2023

How to use drum samples across genres

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In recent decades, the use of drum samples in music production has increased in popularity. Many producers now use pre-recorded samples to add distinctive and intriguing components to their compositions. The use of drum samples in various genres and how they can improve the overall sound of your music will be discussed in this blog post.

Hip hop

Let’s look at how drum samples are used in hip hop music. Hip hop relies heavily on the use of drums, and many producers incorporate drum samples to create a great beat. Hip hop producers have a variety of samples to choose from, ranging from relaxed boom bap beats to the more hard hitting, trap music sounds. When looking for samples to fit this genre, terms like “hip hop drum samples” and “trap drum samples” are frequently used.


Let’s now examine how drum samples are used in electronic music. Drum samples are frequently used by producers of electronic music to build distinctive and captivating beats that stand out from the crowd. Electronic artists have a broad variety of samples to pick from, ranging from the traditional drum machines used in dance and techno music to the more experimental sounds utilised in IDM and glitch. When looking for samples that fit this genre, keywords like “drum sample library” and “drum machine samples” are frequently used.

Rock and metal

Rock and metal are two genres that heavily rely on drum samples. Producers can give the drums more force and impact by using samples to make them sound more dynamic and lifelike. Keywords that can be used to find samples that fit this genre include “acoustic drum samples” and “drum samples for FL Studio.”

Classic rock

Drum samples can be used in classic rock music by incorporating by programming them to play in time with the rest of the track. This can be useful for adding a more polished, modern sound to a classic rock song, or for replacing or augmenting live drum recordings. Additionally, drum samples can also be used to achieve specific sounds or drum tones that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with live drum recordings. For example, a producer may want to use a sample of a vintage drum kit to give a song a more authentic retro feel.

Jazz, nice!

A valuable tool for jazz musicians looking to add a modern touch to their compositions. By incorporating electronic drum sounds into their music, jazz musicians can create a unique sound that combines traditional jazz elements with contemporary production techniques. Drum samples can be used to layer on top of live drums, creating a more complex and dynamic rhythm section. They can also be used as a substitute for live drums, allowing for more control over the sound and the ability to easily manipulate it in the studio. Additionally, drum samples can be used to add unique textures and timbres to jazz compositions, such as incorporating electronic beats and rhythms into the mix. Overall, drum samples can be a great way for jazz musicians to experiment with new sounds and push the boundaries of the genre.

Classical and scores for TV and film

Drum samples can also be used in classical music in a variety of ways, to add depth and complexity. They can be used to add a sense of rhythmic energy to a piece, or to bring a sense of drama and tension. They can also be used to create movement and flow within a piece. In addition, drum samples can be used to create a sense of contrast, highlighting different sections and adding tension and release. Overall, drum samples can be a powerful tool for adding colour, richness and complexity to classical music compositions, particularly for TV and film.


To summarise, drum samples are an effective tool for music producers across all genres. Drum samples can offer original and intriguing components to your compositions in a wide range of genres, including hip-hop, electronic music, and rock, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. The variety of samples available allows producers to find the ideal sample for their track by searching for it using keywords like “free drum samples,” “drum kit samples,” and “drum sample pack,” among others.