Posted 18th January 2023

Drums the backbone of most music genres

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Drums are the backbone of most music genres, from hip-hop to rock and jazz. Drum samples provide an extraordinary way for producers and beat makers to create their own drum sounds without the need of expensive studio time and drum recording sessions which can bring with them plenty of challenges as well as cost. The best drum samples can turn any boring track into a dynamic masterpiece. And with today’s music production technology, drum samples have become more accessible than ever.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software

When it comes to drum samples, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software like Ableton Live and Pro Tools are the best way to create and produce music. With these programs, you can easily mix and match drum samples from various libraries and genres, or even design drum sounds from scratch. You also have the ability to sequence drum samples, create drum loops and patterns, and apply effects like compression and EQ for a polished sound.

Online Drum sample libraries

Whether you’re looking for drum samples for hip-hop, dubstep, rock or any other type of music, is the best place to find royalty free drum samples. The site has a comprehensive selection of drum sounds, from classic drum machine drum hits and loops to modern drum kits and more played and recorded by some of the best in the business. All the drum samples are collated into packs, so you can quickly find the sounds that’s right for you. Plus, all the drum samples are 100% royalty-free, meaning you can use them for commercial or private projects without any worries. Once you purchase you are free to use all the samples and loops in your projects.

The right samples bring the right dynamics

But drum samples aren’t just about drum sounds; they can also be used to add texture and colour to your mixes. By blending drum samples with different instruments, you can create unique drum parts that compliment the rest of your mix. For example, try combining a drum sample with a bassline for an extra punchy drum sound. Or, you can add drum samples to synths and keyboards to create thick, textured layers of percussion. Gated compression, reverb and EQ can all provide some interesting and unique effects too, so get experimenting.

Get creative the easy way

When it comes to drum production, drum samples are the perfect way to get creative without breaking the bank. By utilizing drum samples from, you can easily add professional drum sounds to your productions – without the problem of having to record drums yourself. Plus, with a wide selection of drum samples from different genres and categories, you’re sure to find the perfect drum hits for your track. So don’t pass up this opportunity; start exploring today and see what drum samples you can find! The samples from Macdrum will bring your tracks to life.


It’s easy to think that recording drums is a straightforward process but in reality, to capture a great sound you need a great performance, from a great drummer, on great sounding kit, through a well considered audio setup. This isn’t always possible and that’s where Macdrum comes in. Our drum samples will turn your tracks into percussion powerhouses.