Posted 6th February 2023

Exploring the World of Percussion Samples and Loops

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For centuries, percussion has been a crucial part of music, and its impact can be heard in every form. The percussive element gives any music rhythm, energy, and excitement, from jazz to pop, rock to classical. Percussion loops and samples are a great way to give your tracks extra energy if you’re looking to do so.

High Caliber Sounds

Your best bet for high-caliber percussion loops and samples online is, which has been created by industry expert Andy Macpherson and features some of the best percussionists in the business. For musicians and producers wishing to add percussion to their tracks, has swiftly established itself as the go-to source thanks to our passion for percussion and dedication to producing high-quality professional audio.

Drum talent

The talented group of percussionists who have contributed to our collections is one of’s unique features. Drummers with great talent and experience may be found on, including rockers Paul Burgess of 10cc and Safe Cafe and iconic jazz drummer Dave Hassell. You can choose music to suit your tastes, whether you prefer conventional beats or more avant-garde sounds.

Our Collections

In addition to our collection of percussion loops, also offers full collections of hits and loops brought together in complete percussion packs containing both single hits and samples across a wide range of tempos. These pack make it easy to find the right sound for your track. Whether you’re producing a pop song, an electronic dance track, or a film and tv score, you’ll find the perfect percussion loops and samples in a percussion packs.

High Class Audio

Our team at recognises the value of high-quality sound and works hard to give you the best experience possible. Your tracks will sound as fantastic as possible thanks to our professional studio recordings, advanced production techniques and years of creating high end audio for some of the world’s biggest acts. All our audio was created using the latest methods and bext recording equipment available.

Try Them Today! is your one-stop-shop for top-notch percussion loops and samples, if you want to add a little more vigour and excitement to your tracks. You can’t go wrong with if you have a passion for percussion, a commitment to quality, and could use the skills of a talented roster of percussionists. Why not give us a try now  and provide your next project with some stunning percussive power.