Posted 24th January 2023

How to mix great low end

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Mixing bass guitar and bass drum in a mix can be a tricky task, but with the right techniques and tools, it is possible to achieve a balanced and powerful sound.



1. Monitoring is important - check your room! Headphones at the ready!

2. Use a channel EQ to cut off low end on other tracks, guitars vocals etc.

3. Roll off the high frequencies on the low end, i.e. bass guitars, bass synths

4. Reference a bounced mix in other environments to see how the low end sounds

5. Use a frequency analyser 

6. Keep the low frequencies mono


How’s your monitoring?

The problem facing the majority of home studio engineers is the sound of the immediate environment. Inevitably, your room, without quality acoustic treatment, will alter the sound making it difficult to accurately monitor the low end. A decent pair of closed back headphones can help here. Nearfield monitors often claim to register low frequencies down to around 30hertz but once in a room this is unlikely. A subwoofer can help with extending these frequencies. Always check your mix in different environments by bouncing out and playing on a stereo or in a car, computer speakers etc.

EQ away muddiness

Try using a channel EQ to roll off low frequencies from instruments that would typically sit higher in the mix such as guitar, snare drum, symbols and vocals. This will help reduce any muddiness in the mix and keep the low end clear and tight. As will rolling off the high frequencies on the low end i.e. kick drum and bass guitar.

Experiment across styles

Whilst mixing acoustic drums and bass and electronic drums and bass are two quite different challenges with obvious differences. Blending the two styles can produce some great effects.

Using acoustic drum samples can add a natural and authentic sound to your tracks. Try acoustic drums in an electro track or electro drums in an acoustic track. This is the beauty of drum samples. It’s easy to experiment and find a unique sound. Sometimes electro beats mix really well with a clean bass guitar tone and equally and acoustic kick can sound great with electro or synth bass.

Compliment your bassline

Synth bass is a powerful tool that can be used to add more depth and power to the bass guitar. It’s important to balance the levels of the synth bass and the bass guitar so that they complement each other and don’t overpower the mix. Your looking to compliment the bass guitar here and not create a second, prominent bass track.

Frequency analyser

Use a frequency analyser to help identify the frequencies that you are struggling to hear through monitors or headphones. This will help add assurance that low end is where you want it to be.

Keep it mono

It’s a good idea to keep all bass tracks in mono for a tight sound. This will help build low end that sounds (and feels) great and will provide a foundation for the rest of the track.

Use drum samples?

One important aspect to consider when mixing bass guitar, bass synth and bass drum is the use of drum samples. Drum samples are of course pre-recorded sounds of drums that can be used to enhance the overall sound of the drums in a mix. There are many drum sample packs available online, that can be used to add more depth and variety to the drums. Samples help give you much more control over the sound. It’s easier to mix with consistency and with layering, achieve a natural and powerful percussion sound.

There are many websites that offer free drum samples, such as hip hop drum samples or metal drum samples, however always check the quality and make sure they are royalty free. Not all free drum samples are and this can lead to legal disputes further on down the line, particularly if you want to eventually release your track.

When looking for drum samples, it’s important to keep in mind that not all drum samples are created equal. While there are many free drum sample packs and other free options available, the best drum samples are to be found in a paid drum sample shop. These samples are usually of high quality, created by professionals and can be used to create a professional sound. Quality samples will make a huge difference to your final mix and once purchased are royalty free. Always check to be on the safe side! offers high-quality drum samples that can enhance any music production. Whether you’re a professional producer or just starting out,  has something for you.

One of the stand-out features of  is the bass drum packs, specifically the kick drum packs by Paul Burgess of 10cc. These samples are meticulously crafted to deliver a powerful and punchy kick that will drive your tracks. Paul Burgess is a renowned drummer with decades of experience and his expertise is evident in the quality of the samples.

In addition to the kick drum packs,  also offers Electronica beats packs. These samples are perfect for electronic music production, providing a wide range of beats and rhythms to choose from. The samples are expertly produced, delivering a polished and professional sound.

Overall is a great resource for any music producer looking for high-quality drum samples. The bass drum packs, in particular, are a must-have for anyone looking to add a powerful kick to their tracks. And the Electronica beats packs are great for electronic music production, providing a wide range of beats and rhythms to work with.