Posted 2nd February 2023

Using Drum Samples to Create Dynamic Drum Breaks

main article image offers high quality, professional-level drum sample kits that are some of the best available on the market. By using our high-quality drum samples, music producers and sound engineers can create dynamic and impactful breaks that will stand out from the rest.

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The Advantages of Using Drum Samples from


Access a wider range of sounds!: provides producers with access to a wide range of drum samples, allowing experimentation across styles and genres to find the perfect sounds for your tracks.

High-quality audio: drum samples are recorded using professional-grade equipment, providing producers with high-quality audio that can add depth and detail to their drum tracks and create an awesome sounding drum break.

Ease of use: drum samples are pre-processed and ready to use, making it easier for producers to quickly create and experiment with different breaks.

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How to Use Drum Samples to Create Dynamic Drum Breaks


Choose the right samples:

It's important to take your track's style, genre, desired mood and energy into account while selecting drum samples from A variety of excellent samples were recorded using the best professional-grade recording equipment and are available now at

Experiment with layering and processing techniques:

Try processing and layering several samples in your DAW to produce a distinctive and dramatic drum break. Consider combining a kick drum sample with a snare sample to produce a powerful, dynamic break, or processing a sample with reverb or delay to create a break that is more airy and atmospheric.

Attention to timing and placement:

Timing and location are very crucial when constructing a drum break. Drum samples from are positioned appropriately to achieve the desired impact and are timed to the rest of your track.

Drum Breaks in Modern Genres:

A Brief Guide to the History of Drum Breaks

For many years, drum breaks have been a significant element in modern music. They have been a mainstay of many popular music genres, from hip hop to big beat. Music history has indeed been irrevocably changed thanks to iconic artists as "funky drummer," pioneers like DJ Kool Herc, and more recently, artists like Kanye West for example who incorporate and move forward with the drum break style.

The Evolution

The idea of a drum break first emerged in the late 1960s so that a DJs could extend the break section of a track to provide a space for dancers to do their thing.  This led to the development of the breakbeat musical genre via the isolation and repartition of the break. Drum breaks have developed over time to become a significant element of contemporary music, appearing in well-known songs like the aforementioned Kanye West's "Runaway" and "Ultralight Beam" among of course many other famous tracks.

The Importance of a Drum Break in Hip Hop

Hip hop is one of the most famous genres that utilizes drum breaks. From the "amen break" to the "think break," hip hop has been heavily influenced by the use of drum breaks in its music. In fact, the origins of hip hop can be traced back to the use of drum breaks in early DJ sets, with DJ Kool Herc being credited as the first to use two turntables to play the same break over and over.

Famous Examples

There are countless examples of famous drum breaks in modern music, from big beat to hip hop. One of the most famous is known as the "amen break," which was popularized by the influential hip hop groups of the 1980's. Another famous drum break is the "funky drummer" break, which was notably used by hip hop artists and has become a staple drum break of the genre, as is the "apache break".


For many years, drum breaks have been a significant component of contemporary music. Drum breaks are now a common feature of many popular music genres, from hip hop to big beat. Drum breaks, which include the "amen break," the "funky drummer," and the "apache break," have had a significant influence on music history and are still used frequently in contemporary music production. The influence of drum breaks in popular music cannot be understated, whether you're a producer trying to include fresh breaks in your music or simply a fan of musical history.

Of course, you can hear a drum break in a variety of musical styles. Think of a well-known jazz song; there will almost always be a passage with an emphasis on percussion or a drum break. There are several examples of hard rock, including the well-known "drum solo" and, of course, drum and bass. Not just hip hop producers use the drum break effectively.

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