Posted 31st January 2023

Parallel Compression - The Secret to Powerful Mixes

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Parallel compression is a mixing technique that involves blending the dry (unprocessed) sound of an audio track with an identical bounced and compressed version. Drums, singers, and other instruments that must be present in a mix frequently adopt this technique. In this post, we’ll look into the advantages of parallel compression and how it can be used with various sounds, including drums, snare, and vocals.

Parallel Drum Compression

In a mix, parallel drum compression can provide a drum kit more power, punch, and consistency. You should duplicate the drum track and only apply compression to one of the duplicates in order to achieve this. To get the ideal balance of power and clarity, you can then merge the compressed track with the dry track. To create the desired sound, play around with different ratios, attack times, and release timings.

Vocal Parallel Compression

Parallel compression can also be used with vocals to give them a rich, powerful tone. You can make the voices stand out in the mix and seem larger than life by duplicating the vocal track, applying compression to the duplicate and then blending it with the dry track.

Snare Parallel Compression

Parallel compression can help a snare drum, which often serves as the foundation of a drum kit, cut through a mix. Duplicate the snare drum audio, add compression to the duplicate, and blend the two tracks. To strike the proper balance between clarity and power, try out various ratios, attack times, and release times.

More Drum Compression

Compression is an essential part of mixing drums. Making the quiet parts of the drum set louder and the loud parts quieter helps to control the dynamic range of a percussion sound. As a result, the drums can blend into the mix without competing with other elements.

Parallel Compression in FL Studio 20

FL Studio 20 is a digital audio workstation that offers a range of tools for mixing and mastering. To apply parallel compression in FL Studio 20, you can duplicate the track, add a compressor to the duplicate, and blend the two tracks using the mixer. FL Studio 20 also has a range of compressor plugins that you can use to achieve the desired sound.


In conclusion, parallel compression is a powerful technique for enhancing the sound of drums, vocals, and other instruments in a mix. By blending the dry track with its compressed version, you can add power, punch, and consistency to your tracks, making them stand out in the mix.