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Castanets Percussion Pack

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South American & latin percussion, Castanets

Performed by Dave Hassell.

Perfect for TV & Film composers or world music producers looking for a characterful South American, Latin vibe.

Dave Hassell is a top, professional, studio session player, live performer, band leader, author and adjunct faculty of the leading music institutions in the UK. He has performed with many of the UK's leading jazz musicians as well as American greats, such as: Dr John, Charles McPherson, Barney Kessell, Tal Farlow, Al Grey, Clarke Terry, Joe Newman, Art Farmer, Mundel Lowe, Ron Jackson, E T Mensa, to name a few.

Dave teamed up with Macdrum to deliver a beautifully performed catalogue of sounds. Perfect for cinematic composers looking for an edge.

Drop these samples into your next score and take it to the next level.

Produced by Andy Macpherson.

Engineered by Andy Macpherson & Justin Richards

Recorded at Revolution Recording Studios

  • Castanets Loops 3 mixes of 60 - 160 BPM (close, amb & v amb) patterns

  • Castanets Hits - Live Room 3 mixes of (close, amb & v amb)