Electronica Kick Drums And Small Pack

Download: 8.91 MB
Files: 60

Introducing Electronica Kick Drums, Small Pack, a smaller collection of Kick Drums 80s and 90s style electro drum kit samples for producers, created by world class producer/sound engineer Andy Macpherson. Perfect for bringing a high class Kick Drum sound to your mixes without breaking the bank.

A classic selection of kick drum drum samples, craft a great low end sound and get your audience moving.

Engineered to the last detail, these Kick Drum samples are the perfect addition to any producer's arsenal of sounds. Set yourself apart from the competition with professional quality percussion - whether you’re crafting electro house, breakbeat, hip hop or club-ready beats. These kick drums are sure to give your production a lift! Take full advantage of this great small pack deal while you can.

So jump into another era and explore the possibilities with Electronica – available now for all producers looking for their next hit!

  • 14 kick drums samples containing over 240 files each
  • 4x Velocity Packs to support main kick sounds
  • Create a huge sound