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World Cinematic Vol2

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African & Middle Eastern percussion

Performed by Dave Hassell.

Perfect for TV & Film composers or world music producers looking for an African, Middle Eastern & Asian vibe.

Dave Hassell is a top, professional, studio session player, live performer, band leader, author and adjunct faculty of the leading music institutions in the UK. He has performed with many of the UK's leading jazz musicians as well as American greats, such as: Dr John, Charles McPherson, Barney Kessell, Tal Farlow, Al Grey, Clarke Terry, Joe Newman, Art Farmer, Mundel Lowe, Ron Jackson, E T Mensa, to name a few.

Dave teamed up with Macdrum to deliver this beautifully performed catalogue of sounds. From energetic bongos to enigmatic gongs and much more, the World Cinematic collection provides a hugely diverse range of evocative sounds. Perfect for cinematic composers looking for an edge.

Drop these samples into your next score and take it to the next level.

Produced by Andy Macpherson.

Engineered by Andy Macpherson & Justin Richards

Recorded at Revolution Recording Studios

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These are recorded and edited as natural patterns so have any natural up-beat , pre-down beat attack and natural decay left on the recording. Consequently, in order to make these loop, the user might have to trim some loops appropriately and position the patterns at the appropriate part of the bar - not necessarily the down-beat.

No compression has taken place during recording or mixing - to allow for accurate transients and a completely natural sounding performance. Consequently, the average level might appear quite low but be careful, each instrument's peak level may output at up to -0.5dB.




  • Congas Loops - Live Room 3 mixes of 60 - 180 BPM (close, amb & v amb) patterns - straight, 16ths, off-beat, r'n'b, rolls & open
  • Congas Loops - Iso Booth patterns & rolls at 60 - 160 BPM
  • Congas Hits - Live Room 3 mixes of (close, amb & v amb)
  • Congas Hits - Iso Booth


  • Djembe Hits - Iso Booth


  • Hits - Iso Booth Egyptian Duff Drum & Large Frame Drum


  • Hits - Iso Booth


  • Hits - Iso Booth


  • Timbales Hits - Live Room 3 mixes of (close, amb & v amb)
  • Timbale Hits - Iso Booth


  • Tambo Loops - Live Room 3 mixes of  90 - 160 BPM (close, amb & v amb) patterns
  • New Era Loops - Iso Booth patterns at 60 - 160 BPM
  • Lge Ludwig Loops - Iso Booth patterns at 60 - 190 BPM
  • Tambo Hits - Live Room Large Headed Ludwig & Rhythm Tech
  • Tambo Hits - Iso Booth Hits & Rolls - Large Headed Ludwig, Rhythm Tech, New Era, New Era 2 Jingles, Small Ludwig Headless, Small Ludwig Headed, Revos Metal


  • Maracas Loops patterns at 80 - 190 BPM (Cuban & Venezuelan maracas)
  • Maracas Hits - Iso Booth


  • Shaker Loops straight, shuffle & triplet patterns at 60 - 160 BPM
  • Shaker Hits - Iso Booth shaker 1, shaker 2 (small wooden) & assorted shakers


  • Shekere Loops patterns at 90 & 120 BPM (fibre glass, gourd & large African shekeres)
  • Shekere Hits - Iso Booth fibre glass, gourd & large African shekeres


  • Triangle Loops patterns at 60 - 150 BPM (Cajun, Grover & small New Era triangles)
  • Triangle Hits - Iso Booth Cajun, Grover & small New Era triangles